This course is specifically designed for the modern bossbabe who desires to build solid a profitable and sustainable digital empire with e-courses and other digital products. 

- You're ready to confidently self publish your own content and big ideas

- You're ready to release your old money story, write a new script & re-wire your brain for success and wealth in all areas of your life

- You're ready to brand yourself and believe that your services are valuable

Ultimately, you're ready to adopt a new wealthy mindset to flow in life and biz!

You wanna build a thriving business and TRULY embrace prosperity from a place of flow and aliveness.

No more secrets. No more hiding or shrinking your greatness.

You crave time freedom and financial independence for your self so you can spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones. 

You thrive on giving back to your community!

You know it's time to let your creative expressions come forth and start believing in yourself.

Trust me... I know....

You're ready to build the biz of your dreams but you're stuck in fears, doubts and anxiety about finances and not having enough time to plan or focus on your business, especially busy moms.

 How do I know? I was once there constantly thinking how will I get myself out of this mental prison I had somehow allow myself to become trapped in.

Most women get trap in these negative mind conditioning and unworthiness issues like " who am I to dream so big?" "No one will buy from me!" and the list goes on...

And on...

They're just negative mind patterns you can transcend.

The truth is...

- You do have time to prioritize your dreams, goals and business planning.

- You can make money in your sleep with your online courses and digital products on automation with the right systems

- You have VALUE. There are tons of people waiting for you to show up and #doyahthang! Absolutely YES!

- You can brand yourself and build your business online however you like.

- You don't need any money to start making money online. And you certainly don't need anyone's permission. #NOPE 

I'm here to motivate you beyond your excuses, negatibe mind patterns, old money beliefs, fears and comfort zone. 

I'm here to remind you of your inner genius and empower you to START FROM SCRATCH!

Most importantly, I'm here to tell you that YOU'RE SO WORTH IT!

With so many free tools online and free apps you can launch whenever you like and now with livestreaming you can organically grow your visibility with live videos and 10X your expertise the sassy way.

Also, I'm here to say: You can START WITH ZERO. I'm a living testimony. I started with a seed which was this BIG IDEA an $0 and zero FB Ads. As you begin to show up, the mentors, tribe, bossbabe besties, resources and everything needed magnetically comes to you.

I'll leave you to digest this quote:- You can start with nothing, and out of nothing and out of no way, a way will be made ~ Michael Beckwith

DISCLAIMER: This is not a get rich quick scheme nor am I guaranteeing success to you in anyway. YOUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOU. This is a smart guide so bossbabes can move forward without secrets and overwhelm when creating, publishing and selling their courses online. This is to serve as an online business academy for badass bossbaebabes. (I invented a new word lol"#bossbaebabe")

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Miss Digital Diva
Miss Digital Diva
Modern Mavenship

The Sexy Professor

After facing countless of challenges, Miss Cassandra Holder aka Miss Digital Diva has decided to chart a new path for her career and launch her expertise online from SCRATCH!

"Your #1 investor is the Lord!"

Originally, she is from the exotic twin isles of Trinidad & Tobago. Currently, she resides in Canada and holds a diploma as a Certified Law Clerk. She has appeared before several magistrates and has gained valuable court room experience mentored by Mattis Law Firm and Chris Holder Paralegal Services. 

After years of not landing her dream job as a law clerk, she decided to do her own thing as a bossbabe would have it! The Unconventional way.

Was it scary at first for her?...absolutely but she started to adopt grit and perseverance.

Now, she stakes her claim as an aspiring million dollar course creator and badass Queen of Livestreaming who is here to dispel popular business myths, outdated marketing tactics that aren't fit for a modern millennial bossbabe. Bossbabe, it's time to engineer ingenuity and stand apart from the crowd and noisy digital landscape especially with mobile marketing on the rise.

We're being asked to reshape our business thinking and strategic approaches and adapt to a more mobile centric system. Are you ready to reshape the future of mobile marketing?

We're done with sleazy and tacky approaches that leave us feeling bugged down and drained. We don't do overwhelm, secrets and competition.

We thrive on education, being a life long learner, inspiration and collaboration to move forward and arise to higher levels of success.

On this campus, we do ease, flow, abundance and soulful strategies!

She's here to give you the edge which will set you apart from the "me-too" brands and cookie cutter templates that doesn't factor in your uniqueness!

When she's not whipping up copy, landing pages or creative projects, she's enjoying a hot cup of coffee or sipping on French Lavendar tea. Most days, she's off cityscaping, enjoying the romance of life and savouring rich culture, the outdoors and majestic nature, shopping as she loves fashion and engaging in enlightened conversations with others in the community. Not to mention, she's always ROCKING HER LIVESTREAMS!

Miss Digital Diva: "I love colourful Parisan macaroons too! Pink is my favourite colour."

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